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CAFA Fraser Valley Meeting | Thursday, November 26

October 17, 2015 0 Comments



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Meet Rita Kim and learn about

Partners For Growth

Partners for Growth Advisory Services.

Rita Kim is financial industry specialist with a passion for service and a keen eye for the details that can make or break a growing business.  With a background in entrepreneurship and years of experience working with both traditional and non-traditional lending institutions, Rita can teach you and your team the very risk assessment strategies that financial institutions use to analyze an organization’s potential for success.  In doing so, she can help you better review your financials, assess and mitigate risk, and secure the partnerships you need to grow and flourish in today’s highly competitive business climate.

In 2013, Rita achieved her longstanding goal of applying the knowledge and expertise she had gleaned from a career in finance to empower small and emerging businesses.  All too often during her time as a commercial and small business account manager, Rita had watched new and developing business fail to secure financing, often for reasons that could have been corrected had they been better prepared, better informed, and thus, better positioned to engage in this sometimes daunting process.  Many small to medium sized companies simply do not have the in-house knowledge, resources, or connections they need to negotiate financing or even to put together a competitive presentation package for a potential lender.  They often don’t know who to talk to, when to talk to them, how much to ask for, or how to structure the repayment plan.  With over a decade building connections in the world of business and finance, Rita is uniquely qualified to help in all of these respects.

The Partners For Growth approach is designed to successfully position its clients to secure financing and negotiate the best terms and conditions as possible.  Rita and her team have been able to find funding for all of their clients because they know what lending institutions are looking for.  This distinct advantage enables Partners For Growth to put together a package that meets the both its clients needs and the requirements of a potential lender.  In the process, Partners For Growth will assess, educate, and empower its clients and their businesses: a threefold method for mitigating risk, maximizing growth, and maintaining long-term success.

At the outset, Rita and her team will conduct a thorough review of a client’s financials and business practices.  When an internal or external risk factor is identified, a strategy is developed to mitigate these risks immediately while continuing to build the package that will enable the client to secure financing.  Often this mitigation process requires outside expertise, for which Partners For Growth can connect its client with a trusted and vetted industry partner: a legal professional, accountant, or marketing expert, for example.  At every step of the process, Rita and the Partners For Growth team inform and instruct entrepreneurs and their staff, empowering them with new knowledge and skills to employ as part of their ongoing strategy for success.  Once this process is complete, Partners For Growth will present the package and negotiate with multiple lenders simultaneously on behalf of its clients in order to get the best terms possible.

The advantages of partnering with Partners For Growth doesn’t end with the successful securing of financing.  Rita and her team are committed to always adding value, often finding new suppliers or customers for their clients – new partners for growth.  They also continue to market clients to their entire network even after a financing package has been developed, presented, and accepted.  Past clients are encouraged to call in periodically to ask Rita and her team about current or future opportunities. Among these many satisfied clients, Rita has cultivated a particularly fruitful relationship with the Agri-Food sector.  As a vetted consultant with the Ministry of Agriculture, Partners For Growth’s assistance can be subsidized by the Growing Forward 2 Grant, for food processors and producers.

Despite the demands that career and family place on her time, Rita maintains an ongoing commitment to community service and charitable work, the value of which she enthusiastically promotes to her clients and partners.   Her many past and ongoing charitable endeavors include Co-Chairing the Surrey Young Entrepreneurs Program, acting as a Guest Speaker at the UBC Sauder School For Business, the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada, and the Association of South Asian Professionals, and as a Jurist for the Surrey Board of Trade Excellence Awards from 2011 to 2014.  She has also volunteered as a Mentor for Immigrant Services of BC, the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, and the Sauder School of Business, as well as acting as Ambassador for the Canadian Manufactures and Exporters Association from 2010-2012, to name just a few.

Rita lives in Langley, BC with her husband and three children.  Despite their initial misgivings, she often manages to convince her clients that finance can be fun.

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Thursday, November 26, 3:30 pm


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